7 Facts – One Lovely Blog Award


What an honor it is to be nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award by Jessica Scott (Jesikay) — poet, writer and blogger. You can learn more about her at . I found her poems to be simple in topic, but deep in thought. Her stories are very heartfelt. Take a look at her Sneak Peak Story Snippets. With regard to the One Lovely Blog Award, I did as Jessica had done and browsed through some of those nominated for the award and tend to agree with her that they are “varied in interests as people are”. I also liked how she looked up the word “lovely” and actually shared with her readers what dictionary.com had to say about the word. Not to repeat what she says in her blog, it’s easily found on dictionary.com.

Now, part of the nomination is that you do three things:

1) Thank the one who nominated you;
2) State 7 things about yourself; and
3) Nominate other people because this is a blog hop.

I’ll move to number two since I have graciously thanked Jessica Scott, whom I have never met or chatted with in any forum until today.

Here are seven things about me that some may or may not know; and some things that you may or may not find interesting. But, I’m giving it a shot anyway:

1) I love music (of almost any kind) and jump at the chance to be involved when the opportunity presents itself. I play the flute but would be embarrassed to have anyone actually hear me play the thing. It’s in my closet gathering dust.

2) I get pleasure from standing at my living room window, sipping a cup of decaf, while watching nature awake in the morning.

3) My husband says I love to build clocks. Actually, that’s his favorite phrase, “I ask a simple question and you build me a clock”; and my indicator that I’ve gone over my allotted time for telling him how my day went. So, what? I’m a talker.

4) We have one inside cat who is a raving beauty and has the attitude to prove it. We love our Patsy.

5) I miss my mother A LOT, but thank God for the years I had with her. I cherish every “little” thing that she taught me.

6) I love it when all the kids and grand kids are together all at once with me and my husband. The noise and chaos is music to my ear. However, I hate it when they leave and have been known to throw a tantrum when they do (oops).

7) I love the beach; the sounds, the smells, the views. And sandals. After all, that’s all you really need at the beach.

So there you have it. I have a simple life and love it. Now, who do I nominate? Here goes:

Jackie Dukes does not hide the fact that she is a Christian and many of her posts are about nurturing children and helping women. She also blogs about crafty projects which are really cool. So I nominate Jackie Dukes.

Ryan Kiesshauer is a worship leader and song writer. His contemporary Christian music is extraordinary. I can’t understand why no one has discovered him yet. He blogs about his music and helps musicians by sharing the latest tools, instruments, and musical accessories that are on the market.

Marybeth Whalen is a wife, mother, writer and blogger. She loves to cook so some of her blogs will reflect that. She also likes to write about the changing seasons. I love that.

If you need motivation or inspiration, check out Myra’s McElhaney‘s Blog and check out her books. If you live in close proximity to Atlanta, Georgia and are looking for a writer’s workshop or marketing conference you may want to consider one of her’s.